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Packages that use Algorithm Provides interfaces for the CIShell Scheduler Service. 
org.cishell.framework.algorithm Provides interfaces required for creating CIShell algorithms. 

Uses of Algorithm in

Methods in that return Algorithm
 Algorithm[] SchedulerService.getScheduledAlgorithms()
          Returns an array of Algorithms that the scheduler has scheduled.

Methods in with parameters of type Algorithm
 void SchedulerListener.algorithmError(Algorithm algorithm, Throwable error)
          Notification that an Algorithm had an error while being executed
 void SchedulerAdapter.algorithmError(Algorithm algorithm, Throwable error)
 void SchedulerListener.algorithmFinished(Algorithm algorithm, Data[] createdData)
          Notification that an Algorithm has finished executing
 void SchedulerAdapter.algorithmFinished(Algorithm algorithm, Data[] createdData)
 void SchedulerListener.algorithmRescheduled(Algorithm algorithm, Calendar time)
          Notification that an already scheduled Algorithm has been rescheduled to be run at a different time
 void SchedulerAdapter.algorithmRescheduled(Algorithm algorithm, Calendar time)
 void SchedulerListener.algorithmScheduled(Algorithm algorithm, Calendar time)
          Notification that an Algorithm has been scheduled to be run at a certain time
 void SchedulerAdapter.algorithmScheduled(Algorithm algorithm, Calendar time)
 void SchedulerListener.algorithmStarted(Algorithm algorithm)
          Notification that an Algorithm has started execution
 void SchedulerAdapter.algorithmStarted(Algorithm algorithm)
 void SchedulerListener.algorithmUnscheduled(Algorithm algorithm)
          Notification that an already scheduled Algorithm has been unscheduled and will therefore not be run
 void SchedulerAdapter.algorithmUnscheduled(Algorithm algorithm)
 Calendar SchedulerService.getScheduledTime(Algorithm algorithm)
          Returns the time in which a scheduled Algorithm is scheduled to be run.
 ServiceReference SchedulerService.getServiceReference(Algorithm algorithm)
          Returns an Algorithm's associated ServiceReference if one was provided when the Algorithm was scheduled
 boolean SchedulerService.reschedule(Algorithm algorithm, Calendar newTime)
          Reschedules an already scheduled Algorithm to be run at a different time.
 void SchedulerService.runNow(Algorithm algorithm, ServiceReference ref)
          Schedules an Algorithm to be run immediately.
 void SchedulerService.schedule(Algorithm algorithm, ServiceReference ref)
          Schedules an Algorithm to be run when convenient.
 void SchedulerService.schedule(Algorithm algorithm, ServiceReference ref, Calendar time)
          Schedules an Algorithm to be run at a specific time.
 boolean SchedulerService.unschedule(Algorithm algorithm)
          Unschedules an already scheduled, but not running Algorithm from the scheduler.

Uses of Algorithm in org.cishell.framework.algorithm

Methods in org.cishell.framework.algorithm that return Algorithm
 Algorithm AlgorithmFactory.createAlgorithm(Data[] data, Dictionary parameters, CIShellContext context)
          Creates an Algorithm to be executed